The photos above were posted by The National Weather Service on their Facebook page. These are two pictures they took from WYDOT.

That stretch of road is I-25 north of Cheyenne Wyoming.

So where did the highway go in the photo on the left? That was the historic March blizzard of 2021.  


Living out in this part of the country we are all used to seeing the snow delineator poles that are placed at regular intervals along our roadways. They are there so the plows can see where the road is supposed to be when it snows like this.

There are a lot of things WYDOT needs to consider before they even try to open a road that is covered like this.

If there is a lot of wind and drift behind the storm then what is the point? Better to save the fuel and wear and tear on the equipment and plow when conditions will actually allow them to make progress.

In the video above you'll see Wyoming Highway Patrol helping truckers to get off the highway during the storm.

The road ahead is close, mostly because they can't find it.

The biggest problem, as you'll see in the video is - where the heck is the highway?

If you've lived in Wyoming long enough you've been out on the road when the weather conditions go bad and the highway all but disappears.

But have you ever been out when it completely disappeared and you weren't even sure you were still on the road?

This last video, above, shows Cheyenne in the middle of that storm as the roads in town vanish under piles of snow.

There really is no good reason to be out during a time like this.

We should all know, during this time of year, to keep an eye on the weather forecasts and make plans to stay put when we need to.

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