CAUTION: This story gets confusing.

A bill that would have allowed gun-free zones in the State Capital, city halls, and schools was vetoed by Governor Gordon.

Shortly after that veto, Gov. Mark Gordon announced efforts to allow concealed carry in a more targeted selection of state properties — like the Capitol.

“I think it’s probably on everybody’s mind here that we should be able to reform and revise these rules to make them much more attuned to Wyoming’s desire to make sure that we have concealed carry,” said Governor Gordon.

But who's in charge of what part of the State Capital?

This is where it gets weird.

handgun in tux pocket

On Monday, April 15th, the Wyoming Secretary Of State, Chuck Gray, called me on Wyoming's morning radio talk show and tried to explain the problem.

We are trying to bring concealed carry through the state building commission which has jurisdiction. Gray explained.

The problem with the approach, as opposed to the governor signing the bill is that the state building commission does not have juristiction over the entirty of the Capital.

There is this law that was passed in 2019 that sets out what sections of the capital the legislator has juriction over and what section of the capital the exutive branch has juristction of.

I bet you can already see the problem.

Well, don't worry, it gets worse.

Senior woman putting a gun in her small handbag, self defence concept

Believe it or not, Gray explains, it's down to the corridors.

Second floor corridors the legislator has control of during the session. The thrid floor the legislator has jurristion of.

The first floor corridore appears to be the exeuctive branch, although it's very unclear.

But in terms of getting to where we want to be, I don't understand why the Governor didn't just sign the bill.

At this point, I had to ask the question that every listener to Wyoming's morning talk show was wondering.

Who has control over gun rights in the men's room in the cellar of the capital?

I will actually answer the question, said Gray.

I think I know what men's room you're talking about.

That's at the end of the tunnel.

So I believe it's the executive branch during the legislative session.

That means, at this time, no guns are allowed in the men's room in the cellar of the capital.

Don't you just love politics?

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