Usually, if there is a discussion about human-caused climate change, only those who believe in it are allowed to speak.

People who think we are in a human-caused crisis due to CO2 emissions have had an advantage in today's biased media coverage.

Science opposing human-made climate change was heard during a committee meeting at the Wyoming State Capital.

Sen. Cheri Steinmetz set the rules from the beginning: The committee chairwoman only wanted to hear from the side of the argument that is usually censored.

“If proponents of a different viewpoint wish to express that,” Steinmetz said, “they are free to have a hearing of their own.”

From there, experts were invited to testify along with lawmakers who have followed what scientists have been saying.

Watch the hearing in the video, below.

Speakers with the CO2 Coalition testify at a Senate Agriculture, State, and Public Lands and Water Resources Committee hearing.

They argued that adding carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is in fact, not tipping the planet’s climate into unlivable conditions. Science shows that climate change is natural, has always been happening, and has almost nothing to do with CO2.

William Happer, a physicist and co-founder of the CO2 Coalition, told lawmakers and attendees that those who believe climate science have been brainwashed.

“I don’t know how you deprogram people from a cult,” Happer said, “it’s really sort of a cult.”

Pamphlets distributed by an advocacy group, the CO2 Coalition, were distributed at a Wyoming Legislature hearing this week. They show how “CO2 should be celebrated, not captured.”

Also discussed were the economic burdens of current state policies that attempt to force carbon capture retrofits at Wyoming coal-fired power plants.

So far, Wyoming ratepayers are being forced to cover more than $3 million in costs for utilities to study the feasibility of adding carbon capture at five coal-burning sites. That price will eventually cross over the $ 1 billion mark, and the customers will pay that cost.

“CO2 capture is unnecessarily costly and dangerous and therefore, it is not worth pursuing for the state of Wyoming — or anyone, for that matter,” Frits Byron Soepyan, a chemical engineer, told lawmakers.

Gordon Gordon defended his policies during his 2024 State of the State.

“There are people that are going to say, ‘Climate is not changing.’ Or they’ll say, ‘It’s better to have more CO2.’ We can talk about all of that, but that doesn’t really matter,” Gordon said while speaking to business leaders in Casper on Tuesday.

Below is a shot video with Dr. Pactric Moore, cofounder of Green Peace. 

The governor has pointed to what is happening in the marketplace and hopes to keep coal and natural gas viable by capturing CO2.

But those who hate coal and natural gas power don't care about capturing CO2. They want to end all use of these organic fuels, no matter what.

So capturing CO2 here in the state of Wyoming will not stop these people from wanting to shut down all coal and gas power plants.

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