I'm sure you have heard the idea of term limits for politicians here and there.

But what about unelected "rule" makers?

The bureaucrats.

Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY) came up with a new idea and suggested it on the Line Drive podcast.

Term limits for federal bureaucrats

Once a bureaucrat is hired it's almost impossible to get rid of them.

They spend their days writing new "rules" which are laws from the perspective of the average citizen.

She said that the lawmakers are accountable to the American people via elections.

But not bureaucrats.

We have no say in how they are hired and we can't seem to fire them.

Hageman appeared on the Line Drive podcast, which is hosted by Tim Murtaugh, former Donald Trump 2020 communications director and executive vice president at National Public Affairs; Hogan Gidley, former Trump White House deputy press secretary and Trump 2020 national spokesman; and Kaelan Dorr, a Trump White House and 2020 campaign alumni. Sonny Joy Nelson, another Trump 2020 communications official, also hosts the show. (Brietbart News).

Many people see America's bureaucracy as the 4th, unconstitutional branch of our government. They are unelected and they are not supposed to be making laws.

“We have people that have been in some of these agencies for 25, 30 years. You bring in a legislator, and it’s pretty difficult to compete with that, especially if you term limit us,” she contended.


The congresswoman would like to limit the number of times that a particular bureaucrat could work at a specific agency.

She would also like to limit the overall time that a bureaucrat could work in the federal government.

“If you want to change what goes on in Washington, DC, limit the power of the bureaucracy. That’s the key,” Hageman said.

As a lawyer, she filed many of the lawsuits against the federal government.

Most of those lawsuits have been against the kind of “agency abuse” that allows bureaucrats to virtually enact legislation through guidance documents, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and other agency documents.

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When Harriet Hageman was running for office she stated that one of her primary goals in Congress was to limit the power of the federal bureaucratic state.

Hageman pointed to statistics proving that under a Democrat president, the federal bureaucracies expedite policies; whereas under a Republican president, the bureaucracy is far more relaxed.

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