Corner crossing for hunters has always been a big issue in Wyoming.

With the checkerboard pattern of land ownership in the state many hunters and others who enjoy various outdoor activities complain about the land that they would like to use but are "landlocked" from.

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Land owners complain about folks trespassing to get to what is supposed to be public land.

A new GoFundMe page has been set up to help 4 Wyomingites fight trespassing charges when they were corner crossing. 

Their claim is that they took very careful steps to NOT trespass as they headed toward the land they were looking for.

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The following is from the GoFundMe page:

This hunting season four hunters, Brad Cape, Phillip Yoemans, John Slowensky and Zach Smith were cited for criminal trespass in Carbon County for corner crossing. They have pleaded "not guilty" and currently this case is pending.

Corner crossing is a legal grey area that stems from the public's desire to access their public land by stepping from one corner of public to another.

We believe this act does not violate law or cause any negative impacts to private landowners and their use of their property.

Don Stevenson


These four hunters took every precaution to make certain private land was not touched.

While hunters have successfully beat the hunting and fishing corner cross trespass, these four hunters are charged with criminal trespass, which hasn't been tried in court.

Acquittal of these hunters would set the stage for more access to the public lands we own. It is crucial public land hunters band together to fight for access to cornered public land!

To that end, the Wyoming Chapter of BHA has set up this Gofundme page to help pay for legal representation for these four hunters. Not only do we want to support these hunters we need to prevent a negative legal precedent. 

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To donate please do so by clicking the link below. Any excess funds to this effort will be donated to Access Yes to help provide more access for hunting and fishing.

This case is extremely time-sensitive therefore your prompt donation to support this cause would be greatly appreciated.

Because the hunters will each need a separate lawyer, we are asking for a minimum donation of $20, please. 

Thank you!

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