This is yet another reminder that Valentine's Day is this Wednesday, the 14th.

Most guys will forget, even though we keep reminding them.

The good news is that a true Wyoming cowgirl is not hard to please.

She doesn't need anything fancy or expensive.

You date a Wyoming cowgirl by doing simple, down-to-earth things that have meaning.

Here are a few suggestions I found.

Date Ideas For Cowgirls. (Cowgirl Magazine).
Take Her Riding. Because what excuse does a cowgirl need to ride her horse?
Dancing In The Headlights. Play some George Strait.
Tag-Along For Ranch Duties.
A Western Movie Night.

We are a bit out of season for flowers, still, keep in mind that she would rather you picked wildflowers than have gone to a store for something that's not from around here.

From the Farmers Dating Site come these ideas for the perfect cowgirl date.

Go hiking. Just someplace that has great scenery.

Countryside drives. Someplace interesting and make sure to play some great music.

Make a campfire in your yard and invite her over. Marshmallows, beer, blanket, and good music.

By now you should have the idea that real cowgirls like it simple and down to Earth.

Keep it simple. Just be honest, hard-working, resourceful, charming and funny.

Heck, she would be thrilled if you took her to her favorite ice cream shop.

She will love you if you bring your horse or your dog on the date. But be warned, she might love your horse or dog more than you. You'll have to deal with that.

If you do get a true Wyoming cowgirl, congratulations. She's worth the work.

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