About a year ago it had gotten so cold that a listener to the Wake Up Wyoming radio talk show called in about his dog, who had refused to go out and poop or pee.

Dogs don't speak human, but that owner knew "NOPE" when he heard it.

Yesterday someone here at our Townsquare Media studios told the story of how his dog had gone out on the first two days of this weekend's sub-zero cold snap, but on the third day, she refused.

That was just ENOUGH of that, said the dog, as she turned around, walked into the living room, and took a giant DUMP right there on the rug.

At -27°F... I'm with the dog on this one.

She'll take the scolding rather than go outside.

Would'nt you?

It has to be really bad for a dog to make that choice.

GO ON, kick my ass. It's better than going outside -Dog

Wyoming dogs are much tougher than dogs from other states and they love snow.

attachment-buring husky in the snow youtube.

If you're complaining about all the snow we just got, then maybe you need a different perspective.

Like that of a child, or most pets.

Below are videos of pets who LOVE snow.

I say most pets because one of my favorite pictures on the internet is of a single cat's paw print in the snow, just outside of the door. "THE BIGGEST NOPE EVER!"

But then there are those animals who see all that snow and just can't get out there fast enough.

There is something to be learned from the spirits of these animals.

I know we have to clean it up. But can't we play in it first?

This first video is of dogs reacting to the first time they have ever seen snow.

Let's not forget the cat.

Believe it or not, some cats love snow too.

Like with people, it's just a matter of their attitude toward it.

Do you look at the fluff and cold as an adventure, or something annoying?

It's up to you.

Did you know that some cats like to catch snowballs just like some dogs?

It's true.

Watch this Snow Cat video:

I really like this next one.

Alaskan Huskies love cold and snow.

They were literally made for it.

Watch these dog owners bury their pets in the snow and the dog just thinks it's the greatest thing EVER!

Come to think of it, why let your pet have all the fun?

Get out there and play with them.

Finally, let's get past dogs and cats.

There are many other types of pets people own.

Horses for one.

This last video includes many different types of animals, and their owners, having a great time in the snow.

Wyoming Shelter Dogs Having Fun In The Snow

If you enjoy these pictures, please consider following the links above to give back to these organizations that help feed and shelter Wyoming animals, especially on snowy days like this: 

WEIRD Wyoming Snow Drifts April Blizzard 2022

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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