Wyoming's top education official said Thursday that the state will begin giving guidance to school districts on reopening schools.

"In the coming days my staff and I will provide guidance to school districts, including a template for reopening schools," Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow said in a written statement.

Balow said there is an "opportunity" for local school districts to work with their county health officials to open school buildings to bring certain students back on a limited basis.

Those include students who are on individualized education plans with special needs, career and technical education and small group reading intervention.

Balow said social distancing, hygiene and enhanced sanitation in line with federal and state regulations will be enforced.

School districts are to submit a reopening schools plan to the state. The county health officer also must approve the plan.

"All school district superintendents should be engaged in regular and ongoing conversations with their county health officials to develop a plan," Balow said. "The discussion about immediate in-person instruction of some students should evolve into discussions about broader opening of schools to students during the summer and then fall. The health and safety of students, staff and the community are of primary importance."

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