When you're the worst at something, you never expect to receive any sort of compliment, unless of course someone says, "Hey, that participation trophy looks great!" But imagine being listed as the worst state for American music lovers. In fact, you don't have to imagine, because it's a reality. Wyoming was listed as just that. However, what if you still received some pretty high praise given our dead last ranking? That's an interesting twist!

According to a recent study done by Mecart, which is a modular studio manufacturer, Google trends were used to sort out specific music-related terms that would later determine a 'musicality score'. Regardless if any of the previous sentence made any sense to you, that is how these rankings were determined, by that aforementioned musicality score.

As previously mentioned, Wyoming finished at 50th of all 50 states. However, given the ranking, you wouldn't expect the praise for the Cowboy State that followed up the ranking, such as this:

Although the Cowboy State came last, Wyoming music lovers frequently search for the Apple Music app “iTunes.” And while the Wyoming music scene may be small, it’s not dead. The Wyoming Arts Council created the Wyoming Independent Music Initiative, which strives to strengthen the state’s musical presence. Each year the organization releases a popular Wyoming road trip playlist that highlights everything from country, blues, and folk to indie and hard rock.

That is probably the nicest compliment to anyone that has ever come in last place in anything in the history of coming in last place!

So yes, Wyoming, as the publication points out, states that finished with a low 'musicality score' still have a thriving music scene. If you need any sort of proof of that, check out plenty of our local artists that come through for Fridays On the Plaza this summer. Or just stroll into any given local bar where live music is happening for that matter! We know what we have here in Wyoming so let's all jam out because we can!

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