Just before the Wyoming Republican Convention word came that Governor Mark Gordon would not be attending.

Perhaps he knew something.

The convention was held this past weekend, April 18-20, and the Wyoming Republican Party voted Saturday to censure Gov. Mark Gordon.

The last time the Wyoming GOP slapped Governor Gordon on the wrist was over statements he made at Harvard University.

That time the governor's own party passed a vote of “no confidence” Harvard University that Wyoming was committed to becoming “carbon negative” to fight the "climate crisis."

This time for following his vetoes of two bills passed by the Legislature early this year.

The full body adopted the censure on a consent list.

That means they did not bother to debate it.

cliff1066™, Getty Images
cliff1066™, Getty Images

One delegate attempted to pull the resolution from the list.

Republicans are angered by the governor's rejections of a property tax relief measure and legislation that would have eliminated the state’s gun-free zones.

Wyoming's Secretary of State Chuck Gray told Cowboy State Daily he supports the censure.

“This censure resolution brings some accountability,” he said. “Governor Gordon has enabled Biden and the most radical leftists in America who are trying to help illegal immigrants vote in our elections.”

The governor's office sent out a written response.

The Governor supports everyone’s First Amendment right to have and share their opinions, Our traditional, conservative Grand Old Party policies are the bedrock of a free and civil society.

The Governor stands behind his decision to use [his] Constitutional right to veto flawed legislation, the statement said.

Censure does not hold any weight.

Censure is a formal, public, group condemnation of a member whose actions run counter to the group's beliefs and standards.

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