“I just want to say how disappointed I really am at the Biden administration and their actions today, because the Second Amendment is something that is absolutely fundamental to Wyoming,” he said. “There is no question the Second Amendment is a constitutional right and Wyoming will stand firm against any attempts to erode that right. We will protect our firearms at all costs.”  (Cowboy State Daily).

Wyoming's governor Mark Gordon was speaking with reporters when he made that statement.

The governor then signed legislation that reportedly prohibits financial institutions and payment processors from discriminating against firearms businesses.

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President Joe Biden is ordering a half-dozen executive actions aimed at addressing what he calls an “epidemic and an international embarrassment” of gun violence in America.

He faces difficult politics in getting significant firearms legislation passed in Congress. Biden's action, announced Thursday, includes a move to crack down on “ghost guns,” homemade firearms that lack serial numbers used to trace them and are often purchased without a background check.

The president also announced tighter regulations on pistol-stabilizing braces like the one used in Boulder, Colorado, in a shooting last month that left 10 dead.

Just last week the county commission of Hot Springs County Wyoming signed a statement that was offered by the county sheriff and the Thermopolis police chief declaring the county a  Sanctuary Gun County. The sheriff says that if any federal agents arrive to confiscate guns he will escort them out.

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