It looks like we're keeping our wide open spaces... for now.

I believe this pandemic really got us thinking about our lives. For one, we realized just how short they can be, but also I feel that people really started examining their quality of life too. I know I was asking myself about happiness and fulfillment, were you?

One of those questions is whether or not you live where you want to live.

For many, the answer to that question meant it was time to move. For some, that move was to another state, like Wyoming. However, that number remains low. In fact, according to Apartment Guide, the population of Idaho grew less than most states. We landed at number 44 on their list of "Fastest Growing States." Our population grew 2.35 percent during 2020.

I can't imagine too many people are upset by this. One of the reasons why we love the Cowboy State is because there aren't many people here. We see more wildlife than we do other humans and we're good with that.

However, we may see more tourons in our state. I don't have any exact numbers on the amount of tourists we've seen in the last year, but Colorado was one of the fastest growing states in the nation. In 2020, their population grew 14.8 percent. Sure, they're not residents within our state lines, but you know they are going to cross them on weekend getaways, etc.

This is great for our economy, just as long as they behave themselves while they're here and then return home.

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