It's probably one of the most important questions in Wyoming history.

What is the squirrel-to-human ratio in Wyoming?

I mean, after all, nobody wants to be overrun by the little buggers.

Before we look at the official numbers we have to remember that Wyoming is a low-population state with a large land mass.

So we don't have more squirrels than other states.

That skew our squirrel-to-human ratio compared to other states.

The map below shows the SHOCKING numbers.


According to this map, and I have no idea who counted the squirrels to get this result, Wyoming has an average of 21 squirrels for every human.

The data source on the squirrel population was a Google search by the Washington Post. Honestly, who gets paid to do that?

Florida has 4 squirrels for every human. But Florida has less land and far more humans.

Florida has 21.78 million humans. Wyoming only has 578,803 humans and a lot more land. So you see why the numbers are skewed.

How many squirrels you might see depends on where you are in Wyoming.

If you go to Holiday Park in Cheyenne Wyoming those little buggers will come right up to you, begging for food. They get mad when you don't give them any.

But if you live in one of the more prairie or desert areas of Wyoming, you probably won't see any.

So, now that we have this data, what does it mean?

Heck if I know.

But someone thought to do a little research and so, now you know.

Make sure to pass this little tidbit along the next time you're trying to impress someone with your vast knowledge of useless information.


Marvel Comics has a superhero named Squirrel Girl. She's actually one of the most powerful heroes on the planet. She controls --- squirrels. 

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