Wyoming highways are facing a budget problem. The state will need a lot more money just to keep our interstates in the condition they are in now.

Having said that, our highways don't suck as much as many other states.

According to The Reason Foundation, our highways rank 11th out of all 50 states. Their story even has an interactive map to show you who is the best and who is the worst.

Conditions on both urban interstates and rural interstates are quickly deteriorating, with the percentage of urban Interstate mileage in poor condition increasing in 29 of 50 states. Across the nation, one-third of the urban interstates in poor condition are concentrated in just five states: California, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, and New York.

North Dakota ranks first in the Annual Highway Report’s overall performance and cost-effectiveness rankings of state highway systems for the second year in a row. North Dakota’s rural and urban interstate pavement conditions both rank in the top 10 and the state has kept its per-mile costs down.

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