The Wyoming Highway Patrol recently shared a story in which they assisted an elderly man who was seemingly trying to walk from Casper to Cheyenne to see his mother.

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WHP stated that they responded to a report that a pedestrian was walking along I-25. When Troopers Gray, Quade, and Fox responded to the call and approached the man, he stated that he was walking to Cheyenne to visit his mother.

"Further investigation determined the man's mother was deceased," they wrote.

WHP stated that troopers "observed the man mentally operating in a state of denial, and the cane he was using was broken. He had no money and appeared in no condition to walk to Cheyenne."

According to a post on their social media page, WHP troopers "gave the gentleman a ride to Walgreens, bought him a new cane, and then ensured he had safekeeping for the evening by dropping him off at the local shelter."

At the end of the post, WHP wrote that, "Often Law Enforcement officers go the extra mile in assisting the public, but these stories are rarely shared. These kind gestures from our men and women patrolling our state highways happen daily but are forever remembered by the recipients of our great state."

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