While visiting Independence Rock and Devil's Gate in Wyoming I, along with Wyoming artist and Photographer Tim Mandese, came across a group in period dress at the base of the rock.

You'll love the photos we have for you!

We had to ask who they were.

Wyoming's Platte Bridge Company brings history to life by learning and reenacting all over the state of Wyoming every summer.

Platte Bridge Company is a 501(c)3.

If you are interested in making a difference in bringing history to life, please email them. plattebridgecompany@gmail.com

You can follow them on their Facebook page to see when and where they will appear for history reenactments.

New Generation Preserves Wyoming's Past

The Platte Bridge Company is committed to learning, teaching, preserving, and bringing history to life!

On the day these photos were taken the group was visiting Independence Rock and Devils Gate to learn about and honor those who had paved the way generations before.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Wyoming Mountain Man Convention

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Shooting Black Powder In Wyoming

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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