The Gillette Wyoming hospital board of trustees spoke out last week against the federal government vaccine mandate and the executive orders from President Joe Biden. 

You can read the board's statement at this link.

In an address to the nation, the president said that he would order health care workers as well as federal employees from a company with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated against coronavirus or be tested for the illness weekly. Failing to do so would bring fines.

This has caused problems across the nation as hospitals and police departments have lost vital people who have refused to get vaccinated.

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Back here in Wyoming, the Campbell County Health board of trustees called Biden’s vaccine mandate “gross federal overreach.” Their concern is over the loss of employees who refused to get vaccinated, as have been seen in major cities like New York.

“Implementing such mandates in our community could leave us without enough healthcare workers to care for our elderly and sick, including those with COVID-19,” said the board in a letter.

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“This will not only deflate our already declining workforce but leave our organization in a critical staffing predicament that we have never dealt with. Our hospital and other facilities cannot operate without our devoted staff. Without them, healthcare services in our community, as well as the ones we care for would suffer tremendously,” the letter went on.

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“The Board of Trustees does not condone this stomach-churning attempt of government overreach,” 

“We believe in personal freedom, and do not agree with forcing our employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment.”

Yet the board will have to keep some parts of the mandate if they want federal funding to continue to roll in. To keep that money coming, they have to be careful how they tread.

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“During this time, the Board of Trustees continue to hold the opinion that our employees are best equipped to make their own personal healthcare decisions,” said the letter.

The Gillette-based hospital will follow the lead of Governor Mark Gordon who has ordered the state attorney general to take action, in court, against the federal vaccine mandates.

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