We're more 'go with the flow' than most.

What does it mean to be snobby? My favorite definitions from Merriam-Webster include "one who tends to rebuff, avoid, or ignore those regarded as inferior", and also "one who has an offensive air of superiority in matter of knowledge or taste." These are what I think of when I think of snobs.

With those definitions in mind, do you consider our lovely state to be looped in with this classification?

I certainly don't and Zippia apparently agrees with me on that. Zippia released a list of The Snobbiest States recently and Wyoming was low on their list. I mean it was still high for my liking, but I'll take it. Wyoming landed at number 44.

That's in the bottom half, meaning on this scale of 'snob' to 'not snob', we're leaning toward not snob.

So how exactly did Zippia craft this list? Well, according to their post, they looked at four specific distinguishing factors: percentage of population with a bachelor's degree, number of Ivy League colleges, percent of degree earners with a degree in art and humanities, and gallons of wine consumed yearly.

I don't know about you, but it kind of sounds to me like being a snob just means you are smart and love wine. If that's the case then I will wear my snob badge with pride. In fact, I might even add it to my Instagram bio.

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