Traveling anywhere for the holidays this year isn't exactly safe for anyone during a pandemic. And now, a recent study shows that the states of Wyoming is the riskiest state for anyone to travel to during the holidays.

We all love to travel during the holiday months to see loved ones and friends just because it's exactly that, the holidays. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this would be the year not to travel for such an occasion and on top of everything else, it looks like our state is statistically the riskiest to be traveling to.

According to a recent study by Quote Wizard, which used several determining factors within their study, Wyoming showed up at the top of the list for risky states to travel to, followed by Idaho and Tennessee.

Factors used to determine the rankings were as follows:

  • Dangerous driving states
  • Seniors with underlying health conditions
  • Adult vaccination rates
  • Hospital capacity
  • Covid-19 cases and death rates

Unfortunately, Wyoming finished at the top of the list (worst) for two of those categories; dangerous driving states and hospital capacity. We also ranked 2nd worst for adult vaccination rates and 4th worst for Covid-19 death rates.

To our south, Colorado showed up as the 15th riskiest state to travel to overall. Colorado also showed up in the top three on the list for dangerous driving states.

Despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised against traveling this holiday season, more than 9 million people traveled for Thanksgiving, and that number looks to increase during Christmas. Please be safe out there, Wyoming!


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