Nothing is perfect. But some things are the best there is.

America is not perfect. Wyoming is not perfect. But if you stepped outside of those places and went looking you'd be hard-pressed to find someplace better.

So, when I say that Wyoming is what America should be we have to approach the idea, understanding that there is no person or place on the planet that does not have its flaws or problems.

With that in mind, let's have a look at Wyoming, and why it is what America should be. Americanism is an idea. The great experiment of individualism, freedom, and liberty. That is what Wyoming is.

In Wyoming, a person can find or create a job where they can make a living with the least government interference of anywhere in the nation. Folks here don't want to wait for a handout. They don't much like those who prefer to live on the government dole. There might yet too much government even here in this state, but we fight to keep it small and our lives as independent as we can.

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Work in Wyoming is hard. But the people out this way like hard work because what they make they have made by their own labor and it belongs to them.

Wyoming is not run by the elite or by committees. In this state the only person in charge of you is you. That comes with a lot of responsibility. It is life without a safety net. But freedom can only come with risk and personal responsibility.

Living in Wyoming is hard. But hard teaches character. Hard living gives a person the tools they need to make it through tragic times.

You can have any opinion you want in Wyoming on any subject. You'll probably find plenty of people who disagree with you, they might even argue with you. But then they will defend your right to believe as you wish and live as you wish.

Kids in Wyoming are taught, from the earliest age, to get up when they are knocked down, shake it off, and get back to the work at hand. I've seen that in young people on farms, ranches, and at the rodeos. There might be a little cussing, but there isn't any whining and complaining.

You can own a gun in Wyoming. You can own a hundred of them if you want. It's nobody else's business. You can also choose not to if that's the way you believe. These choices are yours.

Neighbors will come to help if a person is in need, even if that person is not so well-liked. He's still a neighbor and that's like family.

Wyomingites take pride in the freedom that this state gives it and honors those who fought to give them that freedom.

Life is not easy in Wyoming. Things are not always perfect. But considering all that humanity has been through and all the world is going through now Wyoming is one of the best places to be.

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