Republican governors are unhappy with President Joe Biden's electric vehicle mandate proposal.

Several, including Wyoming's Governor Mark Gordon, sent a letter to the President expressing their displeasure and advocating for a free market.

The governors aren't opposed to electric vehicles, but rather overreaching federal government mandates that

“penalize retailers and do not reflect the will of the consumer” in the U.S.

The kind of car you buy should be up to you, not the government.

“Even with deep price cuts, manufacturers’ incentives, and generous government funding, federal mandates on electric vehicles are unrealistic,” the governors wrote.

Eco-Conscious Cars: States with the Most Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

The EPA is attempting to regulate the American people into 2/3rds of all vehicles being battery-powered by 2032.

They see it as a way to fight "climate change."

While Governor Mark Gorden is a believer in the theory of a human-caused climate crisis, he also believes in the free market.

Biden's administration has been pushing regulations that would build more charging stations across the nation.

You're typical gas station was able to grow across the nation without government mandates or subsidies. Electric vehicles and charging stations are struggling in the market even with Federal Government help.

In states like Wyoming infrastructure is an issue.

The letter to the president speaks of "grid capacity and reliability".

Thousands of car dealerships have also signed on to a letter asking the Biden administration to “tap the brakes” on the EV mandate proposal. (The Center Square).

"There are a number of reasons why consumers are leaving these cars on dealership lots – the cost, the infrastructure required, and the battery content requirements are untenable for today’s car buyers," the governors' letter said. "Even if consumers determine over time that battery electric vehicles are appealing, the reality is that the lack of a strong, domestic marketplace makes electric vehicles prohibitively expensive for the American consumer."

Republicans who signed on to the letter

  • Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders
  • Idaho Gov. Brad Little
  • Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds
  • Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry
  • Missouri Gov. Mike Parson
  • Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte
  • Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen
  • Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo
  • New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu
  • North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum
  • Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt,
  • South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem
  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott
  • Utah Gov. Spencer Cox
  • Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin
  • Gov. Mark Gordon of Wyoming.

"Ultimately, we must continue to maintain consumer choice. Your mandates are unrealistic, costly, and prescriptive solutions that harm American consumers," the governors wrote.

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