This time of year thousands of hunters are in the field trying to harvest meat for the freezer and some of those hunters have served our great country. Hunting with Heroes is a great organization that gives our nations heroes a chance to put their troubles and struggles behind them and get out into the great outdoors. Hunting with Heroes is an organization that was founded in 2013 by a group of veterans that wanted to help other veterans. It's an incredible organization and will be part of the 2022 Thankful Thursday lineup at the Beacon Club in Mills.

All year long all across the country veterans are matched up with other veterans to go out and have a life changing hunting experience. So far, Hunting with Heroes has given back more than 2000 times to Veterans from WWII - Afghanistan.

Just this week Jay Fountain wrapped up his latest Elk hunt with veteran Timothy Madden. Timothy spent 22 years serving our country and Jay had a chance to take him on a 7 day hunt that would challenge him. Even though he was in pain, Timothy pushed through and was able to take a young bull on day 6 to complete his mission. When you're packing out with a load of meat, it's not nearly as tough as the trip in.

Congratulations to Timothy of his harvest and congratulations to Hunting with Heroes for making dreams come true for those that have put it all on the line to fight for our country. If you're a Veteran and interested in getting involved or if you're a hunter and want to donate a big game license or experience, contact Hunting with Heroes.

Take a look at the adventures Timothy and Jay were blessed to have.

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