In the video below, you will see one of the most horrific tragedies Wyoming winds have wrought.

Imagine being alone on the prairie - no, not the prairie, but more like a desert region of this vast and beautiful state.

Nature calls you. By that I do not mean the sound of nature, that haunted voice in your mind that beckoned you out to explore this magnificent desolate creation by God's hand. I mean - the other "nature calls." The one that cannot be ignored.

But where, way out here, can a person modestly - squat - to answer that call? The land is flat and open as far as the eye can see. True there is nobody for well over a hundred miles at least. But you know the cruel temperament and evil humor of lady luck. The moment you assume the most vulnerable posture, one that you cannot relax nor retreat from, someone will arrive to see you.

Perhaps that is why there is an outhouse way out here. Someone saw the need, and built one. According to the sign nearby, this land is a state park. Was our government watching out for our best interest even way out here?

It was just a simple wooden structure. But because it was government built, it must have cost over a million dollars, at least.

But the winds - those Wyoming winds. Like the haunting song about her, the Wyoming wind blows, unchanged, and it has tipped over the old wooden outhouse. 

Yes, the only place a civilized person would feel safe in over a hundred miles to drop trouser and -- it lays on its side, in the vast open sage of Wyoming.

Video of this tragedy below.

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