You might have no need for such a chair, but you'll want to try it.

This thing is totally badass.

TrackMaster Series 2 mobility chair, (what an awesome name), will help folks with mobility issues make it deeper into the wilderness so they can experience Wyoming's backcountry.

Wheels? We don't want no stinking wheels.

This thing is a motorized device with big, durable rubber tracks.

It's like a friggen TANK!

The agency is one of 18 state parks across the country to receive the chair through a grant from the Ford Bronco Wild Fund and administered by the America’s State Parks Foundation. The goal is to increase access to parks and outdoor recreation opportunities for those with mobility challenges. (WPM).

Kyle Bernis is the district manager for Wyoming State Parks:

“We just want to make sure that we're giving opportunities for people who don't have those opportunities to enjoy everything that Wyoming has to offer in our beautiful parks,” he said.

The TrackMaster can handle backroads, steep grades, rocks, and roots.

“The goal for us is to make sure that everybody knows that they're welcome and that everybody has opportunities, the same opportunities, to enjoy Wyoming’s outdoors,” he said.

The chair can be reserved for free on a first-come, first-served basis at South Pass City State Historic Site and at Bear River and Seminoe State Parks. (WPM).

“The track chair is about 31 inches wide, so the trail has to be wide enough to support something like that,” Bernis said.

Admit it, you want to give this thing a try.

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