There are worse places to deliver pizza, I suppose. But no matter where the job is, we can be sure that the local delivery guy has seen a thing or two. Maybe even a few things he would rather not talk about.

Josh, however, decided to do what all writers do when life has dealt them strange happenings - he did not only talk about it, he wrote a book.

Josh Walker is a best selling author of fantasy fiction novels. But like most people, he has had to hold the occasional "normal job" when he has needed to make a few extra bucks.

Josh has delivered pizza in Cheyenne Wyoming to supplement his writing. Over a five year period, he's faced everything: aggressive dogs, muggers, and mountains of dishes. There were a few homes that he was afraid to approach, a few he could not get away from fast enough, and a few he wanted to stick around at to see what was going to happen next.

Delivered: True Stories in Pizza Delivery covers the strange times and the dangerous times, like when he had a gun pulled on him.

Book Cover By Tim Mandese
Book Cover By Tim Mandese

Josh was good enough to join me on the Wake Up Wyoming radio show and talk about his experiences and the book. I have to admit I like his attitude. Rather than looking at what has happened to him while delivering as the hardships of life, he has chosen to embrace it as an adventure.

Though I have to wonder - I know pizza is not delivered to far away homes and ranches in Wyoming, but, what if? Would it be any stranger than what is found in some big citie?.

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