Following two local car thefts from the homes of Torrington residents, the Torrington Police Department is urging people to take some precautions.

That's according to a post on the agency's Facebook page. According to the post, the recent thefts were made much easier because the keys were in the vehicles.

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With that in mind, the agency is offering the following advice:

 "Please don’t leave the keys in your vehicle, leave your vehicle unlocked, leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle, or especially leave firearms unsecured in your vehicle. All of these significantly increase the probability that your vehicle will be targeted.
As the nights get warmer, the likelihood of auto burglaries, auto theft, and neighborhood theft increases. Please keep a watchful eye out in our community. If you see something suspicious, take action immediately and give us a call so that we can help!"
Torrington isn't the only Wyoming community to report car-related crimes recently. Cheyenne Police last month warned about a string of auto burglaries in the city.
As with car thefts, leaving valuables in your car and leaving the vehicle unlocked are often factors in car burglaries.
Auto burglaries have been a problem in Cheyenne for years, with the CPD periodically reminding residents to lock their cars and not leave items such as cash, computers or firearms sitting in unattended vehicles.

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