The Rock Springs Police Department says shooting gel blaster guns in town is illegal and people doing it can be cited for illegally discharging a firearm inside city limits.

That's according to a post on the RSPD Facebook page. In the post, police say they've been getting a lot of reports recently about people shooting gel beads from the gel blaster weapons at both people and vehicles.

Police note that a recent challenge on TikTok, the Gel Blaster Challenge, encourages the use of the guns.

But they add that while people may not think of the gel guns as being either "firearms" or especially dangerous, they are considered firearms under city ordinance and that people shooting them inside the city could be ordered to appear in court and pay a fine of up to $410.

While the maker of the guns says the gel pellets fired are non-toxic and safe, they are illegal in some countries because some people think they are real guns and act accordingly, according to critics. They say that creates panic, and in some cases leads to people shooting back with real guns because they believe themselves to be under attack.

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