During tough times like these, it is important to find out what the people of America think about all of the horrible things the nation has been going through in 2020.

Recently, a reporter from NYC was flying over Wyoming and began to wonder what the people down there, in "flyover country," were going through. He had a tough time convincing his boss to let him cover the story. Lord knows the editors at New York newspapers don't like printing anything that does not confirm what they already know to be true.

But the reporter was convincing and the editors were swayed. They gave him a plane ticket and some money to rent a car to drive from Denver up into the heart of Wyoming.

After hours of driving, the reporter finally decided he had gone far enough. Out there across a rolling grassy field he saw a man on horseback doing...something..with cattle. He seemed worried about the fence too. The reporter was not sure. He headed out to talk to the man.

"COVID-WHAT?" the cowboy asked, pushing his hat up away from his eyes to expose his confused expression. "Never heard of her."

The reporter explained the details of the resent unrest including rioting and looting. He talked unemployment, social issues, national debt. The list was long.

"Well that all sounds horrible," said the cowboy.

"So then," asked the reporter, "what do you think of all that? People would love to know the opinion of a man who lives the simple life."

The rancher took off his hat, wiped some sweat away, and thought a moment.

"Well - I figure I'm too busy doing what needs to be done to notice all the troubles you claim everyone is having. So if you don't mind, thanks for the visit, but I need to get back to it. Maybe - I think that's what everybody should be doing. Stop your fussing and get back to doing what you were supposed to be doing all along. Things are better when the work is done."

It was a long drive back to the Denver airport for the reporter. He was not sure if his editor was going to print what that cowboy had to say after all.

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