As numbers have once again started to surge for Covid-19, despite the increase, Wyoming's numbers of those affected by the pandemic have remained relatively low when compared to other states in the U.S. But there are definitely other factors to consider for our state during the pandemic.

WalletHub recently compared all 50 states, along with Washington D.C., across 13 key determining factors to find out which states are making the most health improvements throughout the pandemic. Wyoming ranked 7th overall.

As this is an ongoing study for the evolving pandemic, the ranks were taken for the past week. Wyoming ranked 9th for its 'Death Rate' the past week, 21st for its 'Positive Covid-19 Testing Rate' this past week, and 23rd for its 'Covid-19 Current Estimated Transmission Number'. Just about three weeks ago, Wyoming ranked 4th and 6th for 'Positive Covid-19 Testing Rate' and 'Covid-19 Current Estimated Transmission Number', respectively, which is not the way we would like to be trending in those two categories. However, Wyoming did rank 1st in 'Covid-19 Hospitalization Rate This Week'.

Only Hawaii, West Virginia, Alaska, Maine, Vermont, and Montana had a better overall ranking on the list, while our neighbors to the south in Colorado rank 15th overall. Arkansas, Georgia, and Arizona finished in the bottom three. Check out the map below to see where are other states finished in terms of health improvements during the pandemic.

Source: WalletHub
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