The old saying is that when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

With all due respect to our local police, once the word of a dangerous situation gets to them they have to get from where they are to where the situation is.

That's why, in Wyoming, where police can be a lot more than minutes away, some schools are looking at arming teachers, in case of an active shooter scenario.

Any teacher taking parT is a volunteer.

Teachers do now have to carry a gun if they don't want to.

The sound of gunshots echoing off of lockers and traveling down the hallways of the Saratoga Middle High School, dropped a veil of reality over the participants. Given the realism of the scenario as the incident played out, it would be no surprise if those taking part were impacted in some way, reminded of what has happened in the past decades in schools across the country. (Saratoga Sun).

TacOne Consulting was leading a presentation on school defense, with teachers involved.

TacOne Consulting is a company that trains law enforcement, school staff, parents, and students.

This was a week-long training course in Carbon County Wyoming School District #2 and included all students, staff, and Law Enforcement.

The training, in part, was held at Saratoga Middle High School.

From there they went into the gym to learn techniques on how to take down an active shooter in their school

Then it was up and down the hallways learning how to sweep the area, find a shooter, and deal with them.

The participants learned that the school library, cafeteria, hallways are targets. Shooters do not usually attack at normal times. This is happening because now many active shooters have had lockdown training. That's why a good response is critical. Locked doors are a barricade that active shooters don't want to deal with.  (Saratoga Sun).

In some states this type of training is frowned upon.

But many rural Wyoming schools understand that police, for them, are not just far away, but usually, there are not many of them working in small Wyoming towns.

In an active shooter scenario, it will be up to the teachers and staff to defend.

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