The goal, according to the Biden Administration and the so-called "green movement" is to reach "net zero" by 2050.

While running for President, Bided spoke of putting an end to all "fossil fuels" which would include shutting down all coal power plants.

Sequestering carbon, which Wyoming is currently experimenting with, will do nothing to appease those who have called to 'keep it in the ground." By that they mean to keep anything they refer to as a "fossil fuel" in the ground and never extract it.

But if states like Wyoming were to shut down every coal power plant, would it make a difference?

The answer is NO, for many reasons.

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One of those reasons comes from what is happening in the rest of the world.

The use of coal, worldwide, is not down. It's actually up.

Yes, the world is actually using more coal than ever.

China is one of several nations leading that charge.

The following facts were laid out before a congressional committee.

If solar and wind could actually replace fossil fuels, China wouldn’t have 300 planned new coal plants—more than the total we have in the United States—each designed to last 40 or more years. (Alex Epstene).

Epstein concludes his statements by pointing out that China currently creates most of the components to create America's wind and solar farms.

China uses coal plants to create those components.

Without coal and petroleum, it is impossible to create wind and solar power, much less electric cars.

There is no way to "keep it in the ground."

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