Wyoming country singer has a new song that address the stigma surrounding substance abuse and addiction

Jared Rogerson: Jared's “Side of the Road” wants to reduce the stigma surrounding substance abuse and addiction.

I've always felt that there's sort of these prejudgments that people have. We have all kinds of things that we sort of stereotype or label individuals, whether we consciously do it or subconsciously. And as I was looking into this subject,

I found out how harmful that actually is in overcoming some of the crises that we're dealing with right now. For example, the opioid crisis, this isn't something that's just something we're dealing with in inner cities. (Jared Interview With WPM).

The Wyoming problem, per capita, is very high.

This state has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation per capita.

This is a Wyoming issue right now. And the same stigma applies to issues with mental health or suicide prevention. And what some of these things are, is it sort of the false belief that these issues like addiction is a personal choice that people make, you know, reflecting like a lack of willpower or a moral failing.

And that's a false belief. And so when we make those sorts of assumptions, it's harder for the giver to give help. And it's harder for the person dealing with the problem to be able to seek help. (Jared Interview With WPM).



The opioid crisis prompted the Wyoming Arts Council to provided some funding, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Wyoming Legislature for this project

There's a Prevention Coalition in every county in the state of Wyoming so Jar

ed reached out to Sublette County, and found out our goals aligned perfectly actually.

While writing the song he got stuck. So he reached out to a friend who lived in Pinedale named John Fogerty. Not the famous one. A different guy. John helped him with a few ideas to finish the song.

He recorded the song song at County Q in Nashville.

attachment-Jared Rogerson youtube page

The video of the song will premier on YouTube. If you subscribe to Jared Rogerson's page you can tell it to notify you when the song premiers.

"We quickly realized that the the opioid crisis, mental health and suicide prevention are also closely linked. If there's a crisis, the best number to call is 988, which is the suicide and crisis lifeline. Or there’s a chat at 988lifeline.org. (Jared Interview With WPM).

For more information visit jaredrogerson.com.

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