Care for a spicy cricket snack?

Seasoned meal worms, or larvets, sound good to you?

Wyoming resident Bryan Austin sent me these photos from the Chugwater, Wyoming convenience store.

Honestly, I was hoping this was being sold as bait.

Maybe a gag gift?

Yeah, probably a gag gift.

Maybe this is something you'd eat on a dare.

If you're EVIL you might mix a pack of these things into someone's regular food and not tell them about it.

Photo by Bryan Austin.
Photo by Bryan Austin.

Then there is the theory that someone is trying to get us used to eating bugs.

There is a movement among individuals who think humans should stop eating meat and start eating bugs to save the planet from "Climate Change."

Not kidding, that's a thing.

Scientists are looking for other dietary solutions to reduce carbon emissions, and eating insects may be part of this solution.

Adapting foods such as insect-based products into our diets could cut the environmental impacts of global food systems by up to 80%, according to a Finish study released last year. (Outrider).

Sorry, not buying your "science" on this. 

And I am NOT switching to a bug diet to "save the planet."

The company that's putting these "snacks" out is named HOLIX. 

Photo by Bryan Austin.
Photo by Bryan Austin.

They are the same company that gave you a lollypop with a scorpion visible in the center.

Our mission is to bring fun to entomophagy, to bring a smile to people’s faces when they see our amazingly colorful and creative insect-based sweets and our savory insect snax.

We love being people’s first introduction to entomophagy.

We’re very excited for all the new companies getting into this field and continuing to expand insect-eating.

Come join the food revolution and try one of our treats! (HOLIX).

Mostly they do just regular candy.

Photo by Bryan Austin.
Photo by Bryan Austin.

Their bug treats were started as a fun attention-getter, and people seemed to enjoy the laugh.

So, the question is, how many people who buy these "treats" actually try them?

This last packet is "bacon and cheese" flavored.

Well, I mean, bacon? Come on, that has to be good.

Tell you what, you try it! I'll watch and report on what happens.

I bet if you did eat one you would never finish the pack.

But you could use one of the legs as a toothpick.

There is an advantage.

Photo by Bryan Austin.
Photo by Bryan Austin.

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