Even superheros need to stop for a snack.

The Flash needs to snack all the time, due to the amount of energy he goes through traveling at such high speeds.

I am not sure what super powers this young hero has, or if those powers cause her to burn a large amount of calories, but there she was, in the long line that can stretch for over a block, to get some gourmet doughnuts at Grant Street Market and Grocery Doughnut Saturdays.

Wyoming Superhero photo by Glenn Woods 1
Wyoming Superhero photo by Glenn Woods 1

Her cape had a lighting bolt with the letter "S" in the middle. Does this mean that one of her powers might be super speed? Maybe lighting, or both?

Despite her position as a community super-protector she did not jump to the head of the line. I'd bet no one would have argued if she had asked. Being in costume means she is on the clock. They would not want to make her wait.  But she chose to wait politely in line with everyone else.

I was tempted to walk up and ask her to pose for the camera but I'm sure she is asked for autographs all the time, and that probably gets annoying. So I let her be and just enjoyed the idea of being in the presence of one of Wyoming's great protectors.

Frankly, I was worried that she might bend those bars she was hanging on to.

I'm sure everyone in line was happy to see her there. Her presence means safety for the entire neighborhood. Not one villain attacked while she waited. They would not dare, I'm sure.

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