Wyoming's Governor, Mark Gordon, announced that he will be lifting its mandatory mask order on March 16, 2021. Wyoming's alleged mandatory mask order has been in place since early December 2020. So, I decided to take this as a last opportunity to ask, what mandate? 

Am I being a broken record on this? I'm sorry but the people we elected keep acting as if there has been a mask mandate for months, when, clearly, there has not.

When Laramie County's health officer ordered health restrictions, including masks, I interviewed the district attorney as well as the county sheriff and the Cheyenne police chief who all told me that they did not have the time, money, or manpower to implement such an order. Some even considered the order unconstitutional.

Later, a few other counties and cities came up with their own mask mandates only to find that their local DA's and law enforcement were refusing to enforce these orders on the same grounds. 

Finally, Governor Gordon and the state health officer issued state wide orders. But  the weight of the governor's office did not change anything. 

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I travel this state extensively, for both  business and pleasure. I have been in and out of businesses of all types. Trust me when I tell you, the only people wearing masks and social distancing are the ones who choose to. No one is getting ticketed for not complying.

The Wyoming House and Senate have been meeting at the state capital and most of them are not wearing masks nor are they social distancing. There has not been any enforcement.

The governor's office is right between the house and senate chambers. He can see all of these elected officials, citizens, lobbyist and reporters walking around the capital without masks, and no one social distancing. He has not said or done anything about it.

The only story I heard of enforcement of this so called mandate happened in Cheyenne, to a restaurant who's owner put up a defiant note on his door saying he could not comply. Every other business I have been in to has a sign on their door saying that they are complying, but when I enter the establishment it is clear that they are not.

So, when I read a headline that says Wyoming's governor will be lifting these mandates I find myself asking the same question over and over agian: What mandates?

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