The old saying is that Wyoming is a small town with long streets. For such a large amount of land, this state has a very small population. So Wyoming really never sees traffic jams, except maybe for people trying to get into Yellowstone.


The year was 2017. A solar eclipse passed right over the center of Wyoming. People from all over the world came to see it.

There was a lot of traffic leading up to the event. But that traffic trickled in over the period of a few days.

It was amazing to see the traffic leaving the event.

For the first time in Wyoming history, there was a traffic jam. It wasn't just some local town event either. It was statewide.

Every highway, back highway, and country road, including gravel and two rut roads were jammed packed with cars for almost an entire day as people tried to drive home.

In some states like New York or California, that's just normal traffic.

But Wyoming is the least populated state with a lot of land. We never see anything like that out here.

The year is now 2022. Wyoming has more Republicans than any other state, per capita. The state voted heavily for Trump in the last election, as you might imagine. This is Trump country.

So when the state's lone representative in the U.S. House voted to impeach Trump, then continued to go after him through congressional committee investigations, the people of Wyoming were LIVID, to say the least.

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So here comes former President Trump to hold a campaign rally for the candidate he has endorsed for that Wyoming house seat. Harriet Hageman.

The former president has been holding rallies all over the nation and endorsing candidates all over the nation in an effort to rid, as he sees it, the nation's capital of "establishment politicians" from both parties.

The Democrats stand to lose big in this next election, due to a long list of political and economic issues.

So Trump wants to replace long-standing Republicans with "fresh blood," to make changes in DC.

The rally will be held in Casper Wyoming, Saturday, May 28th. 

Republicans Hold Virtual 2020 National Convention
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Around 22,000 people are expected to attend.

Yet, as with most Trump rallies, those are just the people who will be able to get in. Usually, there is a big overflow crowd outside.

When the rally ends Wyoming will see the second traffic jam in its entire history. All of those people have to get home. The highways will be jam-packed and slower going than during a winter blizzard.

Watch the Wyodot traffic cameras if you want to sit back and enjoy the show.

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