According to the latest census, some of the bigger Wyoming towns added population. But small towns in Wyoming lost numbers.

In general, rural America lost population during the past 10 years. Cities have lost a lot of people too. Most everyone is moving to middle size towns and cities.

For Wyoming and other states who need workers on farms and ranches, there are a lot of unfilled jobs.

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Back in town, it's been a problem finding anyone to work for local businesses. Labor is hard to find and when it is found it is hard to keep.

Wyoming has always rolled with a boom-bust economy. Look at any old map and you'll find many small towns that are simply not around anymore.

People go where the jobs are. An area might boom in the beginning, and maybe once or twice more while the town still has something worth producing. But most small western towns have faded into the landscape a long time ago because the reason that everyone moved there in the first place has been exhausted.

If you drive around Wyoming you are sure to find a few towns that will make you wonder how there is anyone still living there at all. Jeffery City, Wyoming is one of them. It's mostly an abandoned town.

Some years ago I had a chat with the librarian of Jeffery City. I had to ask why she and anyone else was still there.

While it is frustrating to see towns come and go it is never the end of the world. It is just what happens when opportunity dries up in one area and springs up in another.

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