From Buffalo Wyoming, the trio known as Prairie Wildfire is making news again with a new single just release.

The song was featured in Bluegrass Today, an music industry and fan magazine.

Turnberry Records has released a new single from their upcoming album with Wyoming grassers, Prairie Wildfire.

The group consists of three young singers, pickers, and songwriters with a surprisingly mature sound given their age.

They began writing and singing music in their teens.

Sage Palser is on mandolin.

Tessa Taylor plays banjo.

Morgan Blaney is on bass.

Actually, they all play multiple instruments.

Their latest single is called Heart You Couldn’t Hold.

The song was written by Tessa with Wyoming bluegrass songwriter David Stewart.

Tessa Taylor says that the song is about disappointment in romance.

“The lyrics of this song reminisce about the past while also showing the struggles of the present in the wake of an ended relationship and a broken heart.”

Each year I have the privilege to host Wyoming's Chugwater Chili Cook-off. Just a few years ago I introduced a trio of young ladies from Buffalo Wyoming who called themselves Prairie Wildfire.

They were just teenagers at the time. Young high school girls. But wow, could they sing. Their charming stage presence brought loud applause and cheers from the audience and calls for more when they had finished their last song. They were so good I bought their CD and they have been invited back to Chugwater every year since.

The girls have just begun college. But they are still singing, and one of their first songs is climbing the charts. Not to mention they've just released two new singles entitled "Bowling Green" and "Heart You'll Never Hold".

You can read more about their journey in a story filed by their local newspaper, The Buffalo Bulletin.

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