There was a tornado near Gillette, Wyoming a couple weeks ago. This didn't scare a turkey mom who sheltered her chicks from the storm and won the internet for her bravery.

Here's what went down on July 16 in Gillette according to the description on YouTube:

There was a tornado 20 miles east of our city and several reports of hail. The skies were dark and it was windy but this mama turkey protected her eight babies in the shelter of her wings. This was the first day of many days she showed up to perch on our deck.

I think they may have the day wrong. There was a hail storm on July 17, but can't find anything for the 16th. Here's another video from that storm:

The National Weather Service confirms the July 17 tornado and hail with some in the Gillette area seeing tennis ball size hail. Just goes to show you that even are our turkeys are braver than anyplace else with huge hail not being a problem.

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