One year ago, in mid-March, Wyoming was hit by a massive snowstorm that shut down the state. It usually happens once a year. Will that happen again this year?

As usual this time of year the weather in Wyoming is a bit wonky.

We all know THE BIG ONE is coming. But when? Let's have a look.

It might start as a bright and sunny day, but then suddenly it's snowing, and a half-hour later the sky is clear and the snow is gone, but the wind is howling.

There's an old saying in this part of the country,

"Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes."

Hailstorm on the road in a summer day

It's hard to predict from one moment to the next what the weather is going to do but one thing everyone in Wyoming knows is - that one big storm has to happen before winter is officially over.

Looking ahead at the 10-day forecast from the time I am writing this article it is typical for this time of year. Temperatures are in the 50's or so. Lots of fast-moving wind and clouds. Occasional rain and a touch of snow passing now and then.

In his daily podcast Don Day, of Day Weather, talks about a coming storm. It might be big, but it's not THE BIG ONE that we are all wondering about.

Don Day does talk about two more storms over the next couple of weeks will be significant, but not THE BIG ONE we are wondering about.

Don uses words when describing these storms like "significant," and "Impactful." He says it that way because he doesn't want to cuss. But we all know what he really means.

The setup for these storms looks like it could be the end of March or early April.

Irina Igumnova

The good news is that there are several storms coming, according to the current forecasts, one after the next. that will give us much-needed spring precipitation, including snowpack.

As for any predictions of THE BIG ONE -

Don Day told me that, while it could happen, it looks like we are going to get a lot of smaller storms this year rather than one big one, and that is how winter will end.

73 Years Ago The Storm Of The Century Hit Wyoming

73 years ago, in 1949 the storm of the century hit the Western US. Here is a look at some pictures that tell the story...

Snow Crushes Wheatland Wyoming Airplane Hangers

This row of hangars goes back many years. Some history was lost under a crush of snow.

March 21st, 2021. A record-breaking snowstorm had shut down most of Wyoming and was not yet done. Below is a gallery of photos as cleanup continues.

One of the small airports in Platte County, Wyoming is Phifer Airfield on Antelope Gap Road, east of Wheatland. Platte County has the Wheatland airport, along with one in Torrington and Guernsey. They were all shut down in the storm.

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