The 2021 legislative session is now underway for the state of Wyoming and for the first time it seems that not one elected official is sure what to do.

Besides not being sure there is also not the will to make the tough decisions that need to be made.

I just spent the better part of a day watching the governor speak and peaking in online to watch the first committee meetings. There was a lot of talk about the states situation, but not a lot of good ideas of what to do about it were offered. Mostly they just talked about the problem.

In my book, The Uncomplicated Life, I offer a formula for thinking through what appear to be overwhelming problems. Lets apply those principals here. 

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There is just one problem: the state is no longer receiving massive royalties from the coal industry. Simple enough, anyone can understand that.

The solutions are the elephant in the room. No one wants to talk about this but it needs to be done.


1). Go ask a Libertarian what the proper role of government is. They will tell you to quit looking at government as the only way to solve our problems. The state needs to massively cut spending. 

2). Raise a few taxes, but only a little. The public will understand a small increase in sales and property tax. Even a sight increase in the gas tax to pay for our roads, but keep it small.

The actual population of Wyoming is that of a mid sized American city. That being the case there is no way Wyoming state government should be much bigger than a mid size city budget. 

We can explain to anyone who complains about the lack of government services in Wyoming that they can have those services, if they don't mind a massive increase in their taxes. That should put an end to that discussion quickly.

Keep it simple Wyoming.

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