WOW, what a windstorm Wyoming and Colorado had on Saturday.

There were, in some areas, gusts up to 90mph.

Have a look at some of the impacts of this storm with this post by our man in Cheyenne, Doug Randal.

That wind will ease a bit on Sunday, but Wyomingites can still expect intense wind in the same areas for most of the day.

As that low-pressure system moves up and out it will pull the snow, rain, and wind with it.

For some, that process will take most of the day.

Regional weatherman Don Day's forecast is farther down in this post.

Below is a look at winter weather advisories for Sunday.

attachment-Weather watch 040724

The nasty weather we felt on Saturday was the storm reaching its peak.

It now begins to slowly wind down as we move through Sunday.

Most of the winter, snow, and rain impacts will now move up to the northeastern side of Wyoming and the western side of South Dakota.

The weather map below shows where the predicted rain and snow impact are expected to be.

These areas will have the biggest travel concerns due to snow.

The good news is the amount of moisture, which is needed, in the plains and Black Hills area.

attachment-Weather prediction 040724

Interstate 80 and 25 around Cheyenne were closed on Sunday due to the heavy winds.

Those roads are slowly opening on Sunday.

Travel impacts and road closures now move up to the northeastern part of Wyoming for Sunday through part of Monday.

The road map below is from WYDOT, Sunday at 5 am, showing the conditions at that time.

attachment-road impacts 040724

This system that moved through is typical for the Western states at this time of the year.

While we do complain about the harsh conditions these storms do bring us the we we need to help us make it through the dryer months in the summer.

Below is Don Day's weather update from early Sunday morning.

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