Iryna Kochubey was born and raised in Ukraine.  

Her name is now Iryna Kochubey Wiggam and she lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming with her husband Boyd Wiggan, who is a native of Burns Wyoming.

When the war in Ukraine began she was desperate to get her mother out of there.

Iryna Kochubey Wiggam and her mom
Iryna Kochubey Wiggam and her mom

This photo is of Iryna Kochubey Wiggam with Boyd Wiggam and Katya Wiggam at Denver International Airport.

On her Facebook page with this photo are the words:

Very thankful for those who prayed for Iryna Kochubey Wiggam and her mom and family. We have an awesome God!!! Continuing to pray for Ukraine.

At an event in Cheyenne, Wyoming Iryna will speak about what is happening in her home country. Local experts will join her to brief the public.


Iryna's Facebook page has many pictures of the war in all its horror. Much of it is more than just a little hard to look at.

Besides Iryna other speakers will include:

LCCC ESL Instructor & Paralegal For Wyoming Attorney General's Office.

Dr. Lily Towen & Dr. James Miller, LCCC Political Science Instructors.

The event will be moderated by Ezras Tellalian, LCCC Psychology Instructor. 

The event is billed as a presentation and discussion which is sure to mean that the speakers will be happy to answer any questions from those in attendance.


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