America was founded on the principles of personal liberty for every person. Back then the sole job of the government was to make sure that we stay free. This concept of freedom was unique to the world. America was the first to try it. That is why America has been called "the great experiment."

We have made our mistakes. We have been wrong. But we have also worked hard to correct and move on. America ended slavery and then pushed even farther with the civil rights movement, as one example.

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Because of our free-market ways, we have become the richest and most advanced nation the world has ever seen, and we have not kept it to ourselves. We have spent trillions worldwide. We did not just send that money by taxing our people. Americans give, generously, to needy people all over the world. We don't just give our money but American's go to these nations to give their time and offer free labor.

America has sent our military, which is staffed with volunteers, to fight for oppressed peoples and rush humanitarian aid around the globe.

Once again this nation is hearing the cries of those who would have us be ashamed of our country. To some, displaying the stars and stripes is considered offensive and racist.

Wyoming is one state that knows better.

Over the past few months, I have been to several Wyoming events that begin with the national anthem and the display of the colors. Folks stand, remove their hats and put their hands on their hearts. They are proud to do so.

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