You're probably wondering, 'when and where does a Wyoming hamburger cost $100?' That would depend on how you get there.

If you pay attention below, you'll see a few more small private planes flying on the weekends than you do on the week days. Those are private pilots taking taking off for a little over-Wyoming-adventure.

The view of the beautiful state below is amazing.

The private trip usually involves going to a favorite restaurant in some cute little town, enjoying a burger, and flying home. The cost of the trip means that the pilot, and probably his friends, spent a bit. That is where private pilots laugh as they joke about going out to grab a '$100 hamburger.'

With my passion for aviation, it is nice to know people like Jim, who invited me out on a Saturday flight to Buffalo, where we ate at The Busy Bee Restaurant. As most of you know, The Busy Bee and the town of Buffalo were made famous by the Longmire novels and TV series. 

In the video below, you can ride along and see the fantastic sights we saw on the way, from just a few thousand feet above the ground. We landed at the Johnson County Airport and took the airport courtesy car into town for lunch.

It was good to see the old war birds at the airport that I wrote about previously. Those WWII planes will be restored soon.

So was the burger worth $100? Well, it was The Busy Bee after all, and flying there the way we did, plus the good company, made it worth every penny.


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