Brownies are fantastic! They are certainly one of life's most popular desserts, especially for anyone with a sweet tooth. I don't even consider myself as someone who has a sweet tooth, but I'm always down for a good brownie. So where can you find the best brownie in Wyoming? It happens to be at a spot in Cheyenne.

According to the food publication 'Eat This, Not That', they have recently found the best brownie in every state. As I mentioned, I am not someone with a sweet tooth, so I don't eat a ton of desserts, but if Wyoming's best brownie joint happens to be in the southeast corner of the state, I have to try it. The spot in Wyoming that has the best brownie is The Bread Basket Bakery in Cheyenne.

Here's what Eat This, Not That had to say about the brownies from The Bread Basket Bakery:

Located right in the center of Cheyenne, The Bread Basket always serves fresh homemade bread, pastries, and more that they start baking at dawn. Be sure to pick up one of their brownies, with or without nuts, and prepared to be blown away.

You've probably either had The Bread Basket before or you've at least seen it on the east side of downtown Cheyenne, located at 1819 Maxwell Ave. In case you haven't been there, here's a quick look at what you're missing out on...

Oh yeah, they also have plenty of great sandwiches and wraps too! Be sure to check out their website at the link here for their menu. And at the very least, stop by The Bread Basket Bakery in Cheyenne for a brownie. After all, it's been named the best brownie in all of Wyoming!

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