One of my favorite restaurants is the Busy Bee in Buffalo, Wyoming. It's a small place attached to the famous Occidental Hotel. Like the hotel, it has a long and rich history.

The food at the Bee is unique, yet very Wyoming at the same time.

Some of the menu has changed over the years due to the success of the Longmire novels and TV show. You can even try the Sheriff Longmine breakfast special, or dinner special. Those two things are "the usual" that he orders each time he visits the restaurant.

Busy Bee makes a great Reuben sandwich, which I love.  This time I decided to get their bison burger. It was served on a special bun, not a regular hamburger bun. I had them add swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion, with a touch of mustard. I would say you must give that one a try.

Busy Bee also serves breakfast late, so you can order it a little after noon.

The last I heard, Buffalo Wyoming has delayed Longmire days, but they still plan to hold the event sometime in 2020.

Buffalo is worth a day trip, but despite its size, it is more worth it if you spend the night and enjoy a couple of days there. Lots to see in town and more to see in the Bighorn Mountains just up highway 16, which runs through town.



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