One of the most popular sites to visit in Yellowstone is the Grand Prismatic Spring. It's popular among people and also for bears as recent visitors at the park discovered when they saw a huge grizzly walking down the boardwalk.

This was a close call and that's quite an understatement. The person who shared this video mentioned just how close this grizzly came to quite a few very terrified human beings:

My wife, son, and I happened upon a big bear at the grand prismatic spring in Yellowstone that wanted to follow us on to the boardwalk for a good ways before he leaped over the railing and sauntered off. No injuries but he was way closer than the recommended safe distance. About 15-20 feet from my wife at first.

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Imagine how you'd react if you saw this big boy headed your way.

My family visited Grand Prismatic Spring last time we were in Yellowstone and walked this exact path. It's worth noting that visitors are told to not leave the boardwalk since it can be dangerous if you get to close to the acidic springs. That means these people potentially had the difficult choice of getting off the "safe" path to escape the bear only to tempt fate by getting too close to the springs. Decisions, decisions.

The good news is that no people or bears were injured and all ends happily ever after. I would guess that some visitors that were on this path might need a change of pants though.

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