The photo above was posted by the Babylon Bee, a satirical news site, on social media like Instagram and FaceBook.

This is good news because, frankly, buffalo have trouble eating all day when they are required to wear a face mask. And how is one expected to stick their tonged up their left nostril while masked?

Though mask-wearing by the bison is said to have helped the spread of COVID between stupid tourists, I mean, visitors to the park who can't read signs and- FINE- IDIOTS who walk out to pet the fluffy cows (there, I said it).

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There is also a problem with trying to convince buffalo not to gather in large groups. There is a bit of a problem trying to convince them to social distance. Animals like these live in herds. One cannot just walk up and ask them to suddenly become loners. You can tell a wild cat. They like to live alone. But try telling that to the wolves.

According to the Bee, some tourists have complained that animals wearing masks in the park ruin the pictures they are trying to take.

The best part of the Babylon Bee article, which you can read at this link, was the closing paragraph.

Yellowstone is saying they are considering now removing the buffalo mask requirement. As for the other controversial requirement -- having the bears wear ties, which was initially part of a 2010 cross-promotion for the Yogi Bear movie -- they say they’ve just gotten used to that and have no plans to end it.

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