There are many things you have been told, over and over again, that are just not true.

Yellowstone is a SUPER VOLCANO!

We are overdue for an eruption.

Those earthquake swarms we see every year are getting worse. It's due to man-caused climate change or the signs of the end times predicted in the bible, and it shows that an eruption is not far off.

Yellowstone can erupt at any time.

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When it does it will KILL everyone in Wyoming and several other states.

Then the ash will move on and kill the food supply in the middle of America.

The eruption will change the planet's climate


Not one word of that is true!

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In the VERY ENTERTAINING video below you can see the actual science behind what the actual scientist are saying about the Yellowstone volcano.

Yellowstone is NOT a "SUPER VOLCANO!" Sorry to disappoint. It is a big one. But it is not even in the top 10 biggest volcanoes on the planet. There are others that are bigger and have scientists more worried.

While Yellowstone has provided big eruptions in the past, other volcanoes have blown much bigger, even while humanity has been here, and we survived it.

Those earthquake swarms are actually caused when water gets down into the rocks and heats up, causing pressure and making giving the rocks some lubrication to move around. We get more swarms in the spring when snow is melting and the water is seeping down. Humans can't feel most of those tiny quakes.

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Yellowstone is NOT overdue for an eruption. Yellowstone does not erupt on a time scale. No volcano does. That's not a thing.

Yellowstone has actually been cooling down over time. It keeps recycling its material and, for various reasons, that causes it to cool down and become less and less of a threat over time.

There are two videos full of science worth watching on this. This first one is packed with information and very entertaining to watch.

The next video was put out a few years ago. It has less information but gets right to the point as to why all the hype about this volcano is PURE CRAP!

The next video is called.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Yellowstone (or Any Other Supervolcano).

Once again the news media and Hollywood have no idea what they are talking about yet people watch the junk they send our way and believe it. Let's stop doing that.

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